Screen Roller Blinds

Screen Roller Blinds are as beautiful as they are practical. The woven fabrics allow a view to the outside while effectively controlling heat and glare. Make your choice from a wide variety of ranges that vary in how they are woven and how open they are, to provide the correct degree of glare and heat control.

  • Max Width: 4000mm (dependant on fabric widths)

  • Max Length: 5000mm (fabric and weight limitations may apply)

  • Privacy: Views & privacy / Night: No privacy

  • Light Control: Diffused light, select from various fabrics and fabric openness’ to allow for the correct light control.

  • Operation: Plastic or steel chain mechanism / Crank handle control / 220V Motor / Battery Motor

  • Cleaning:Fabric can be dusted and wiped with a damp cloth.

  • Suitable for: Areas where sun and glare control is required while maintaining views.

  • Avoid: Very narrow long windows. Areas that require night time privacy.