Quilted Wetsafe and Towelling Wetsafe

An unprotected mattress can become marked or stained quite quickly, as natural perspiration produced throughout the night passes through a standard cloth sheet and creates a characteristic yellowish-brown tidemark where it has been absorbed into the upper surface of the mattress. Mattresses are also susceptible to many other contaminants.

When waterproof mattress protectors first came on  the market, they where awful.  They where PVC infused toweling.  These where very noisy and very hot. In effect it was like sleeping on a plastic bag. 

Enter New Technology.

Waterproof Protectors are now Polyurethane infused Toweling.  The toweling layer is super absorbent and the polyurethane layer repels  water. Polyurethane acts very much as skin would.  It is ultra thin, quiet and distracts in no way from the comfort of the mattress.  It is Breathable, although fully waterproof and therefore does lead to one  perspiring during the night. It has four way stretch which adds to the comfort.

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