Retro Venetain

The Retro Blind is designed to make a statement. A unique blind that combines metallic and wood textures, the product is particularly suited to contemporary interiors. The blinds aluminium louvers allow you the flexibility to tilt and filter strong sunlight providing a tranquil ambiance.

  • Max Width: 3000mm

  • Max Length: 3600mm (slight loss of privacy on blinds longer than 2600mm)

  • Privacy: Adjustable by tilting the slat. Allows for views and full privacy.

  • Light Control: Adjustable by tilting the slat / Diffused light

  • Operation: Tilt and lift Cord / 220V Motor tilt and lift / Battery Motor tilt with lift cord

  • Cleaning: Can be dusted and wiped with a damp cloth

  • Suitable for: Windows where a mixture of privacy, sun control and views are required. The 50mm Aluminium slat is a particularly hard wearing and suitable for large windows. You can combine metallic and wood finishes in one product.

  • Avoid: Windows where the blind is lifted more than it is tilted.